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Culture Days


Our objective is to foster a deeper understanding and sense of community among our team and customers. By learning more about each other’s backgrounds, we strengthen our connections and cultivate a sense of belonging, crucial for a harmonious work environment and effective customer interactions.

Culture days?

Culture Days is an enriching event where we celebrate the diverse cultures represented within our company. Employees and contractors are encouraged to share interesting aspects of their national heritage through videos. These presentations might include geographical facts, cultural traditions, notable figures, and even useful local phrases such as 'good morning', 'good afternoon', and 'good evening'—especially beneficial for our drivers in their daily interactions.


Participants will create and share videos that detail significant and engaging information about their countries, including location, capital city, population, traditional cuisine, and renowned personalities. A special segment is dedicated to our drivers, teaching them essential greetings in various languages to enhance their communication with customers.

Other benefits from it?

Taking the time to engage more personally with customers can positively impact drivers’ routes and performance ratings. This not only improves their potential for incentives but also strengthens our relationships with customers, ensuring job security and fostering a supportive and interconnected company culture.