About us

At the heart of our approach is an unyielding commitment to customer service and upholding our brand values.

CELERITY LS offer an exceptional level of service which creates trust and partnership between our clients and ourselves.

We are totally focused on making the lives of our customers easier and helping them to develop and achieve excellent relationships with their own customers, whilst keeping and maintaining their own ethos and values. The management team has a core of people of over 60 years’ combined knowledge within the industry sector, bringing a wealth of experience; we have learnt from some of the biggest companies in the world.

Our ongoing priority is to uphold the standards we have reached and commit to the further development of a leading business that can take keep developing and learning to make our self’s even more equipped to service our customers.

So How are we Doing?

So far, so good and the working team are able to evolve and adapt to new daily and long term challenges. Since 2014 our growth has been stratospheric. Over 80% of our business comes directly from repeat business from our clients, % of the remainder comes from referrals and recommendations. This is very positive and encouraging; our clients are satisfied and we are delighted as our mission is to become the most reliable name in the industry, working with blue-chip companies including the largest online marketplaces and national postal services. We are confident we can get there.

Our Thinking

From the birth of the company the management team and co-workers have set a very high standard on how they conduct & approached their work.

Aptitude: Our success is based on sheer hard work!

Attitude: Our team the attitude of everything is possible to achieve.

Commitment: We are nothing less than 100% committed to all new & old project we under take.

Humble: We expect nothing less from all our family and the most import thing is our customer.

Our History

Celerity was born in 2014, beginning life as a small operation in an ever[1]changing and fast evolving world of logistics. Celerity has gone through each stage of the journey since day one adding the experience and insight of highly skilled managers, developing, mentoring staff enabling the necessary skills to undertake even the most challenging situations and excelling in tasks and duties to supply the customer an impeccable service.

Celerity is being recognized as a fine young company that has seen rise in reputation attracting the best workforce to deliver the best service to the end user.

Why work with CELERITY LS?

Celerity has been experiencing stratospheric growth. From our humble beginnings with a few staff with a few vans to a national company with over 500 staff that deliver excellence to all manner of clients. As a smaller company in a vast landscape of logistics we are used to being the underdogs, but this gives us the hunger others in the field lack. We believe in humility and getting the job done, but we are driven by a very successful and focussed mind-set. We successfully delivered over 10 million parcels in the last 6 months.

And what happens when we cannot deliver?

Honour our promises, we will go above and beyond to ensure that we NEVER fail and the key to our success is “communication”

Our Mission

Delivering excellence and a belief in the ethos of the company, that giving helps develop people and encourages greatness.